Our Management Team

Our Management team

Firestorm’s continued success and growth is in large part due to the committed management team. Each individual on the team brings different expertise and perspective. They represent multiple personality types, not always seeing eye to eye, but that is what makes it great. Questions are not afraid to be asked and they continually strive to push the envelope.

They are innovative, creative and passionate about what they do. Our experienced and successful management team is here to be of service to you. Meet them here:

  • Jim wills, Founder, Chairman of the Board for Firestorm

    Jim wills

    Chairman of the Board for Firestorm

    Jim has a wealth of knowledge in Fire Safety and Fire Management. Jim started his career in 1974 with the California Department of Forestry Ecology Corps where he received his initial fire training and began developing his Forestry and Fire skills. Jim then joined the United States Forest Service for the next 15 years spending time on the Willamette, Klamath, Tahoe and Shasta Trinity National Forest as a Fuels Crew Foreman, Hot Shot Crew Foreman, Engine Operator, Initial Attack IC, Division Supervisor and Type I Burn Boss. In 1990, Jim left the Forest Service and became a Fire Instructor at Shasta College in Redding, CA. In 1995 Jim had a vision to build his own company that would return him to his original passion of working in the woods, and that would also support the federal agencies in their fuels management and fire suppression efforts.

    Jim currently serves as the Chairman of the Board for Firestorm and serves as an Advisor to the Advisory Board and overall management of Firestorm.

    Jim is married with five children and you will often find him out cycling, mountain biking, or fishing.

  • Jess wills, firestorm, Operations Manager

    Jess wills

    Operations Manager

    As the current President and Operations Manager for Firestorm, Jess started with his father Jim in 1997 right after high school graduation. Jess started as a rookie on a 20 person handcrew and within six years was a certified Single Resource Crew Boss running his own twenty person crew while working double duty to take over the operation management position. In 2007, Jess was able to relinquish his Crew Superintendent position to other up and coming young leaders in the organization, whom he had helped train, and then stepped into the role as the Business and Operations Manager.

    Jess still enjoys getting out and working with the firefighters on the ground, but as Firestorm has become much more than just a wildland firefighting agency, most of his time is found working on the future of Firestorm and being one step ahead. Jess sits on the Board and Advisory Board for Firestorm. He also serves as a Board Member for the National Wildfire Suppression Association.

    Jess is a graduate of California State University Chico with a degree in Business Administration and Operations Management. Jess is married to his wonderful wife Leah, and in his free time he enjoys flying, Baja Mexico, dirt biking and traveling.

  • Joshua Hiller, firestorm, Emergency Services Coordinator

    Joshua Hiller

    Emergency Services Coordinator

    Josh Hiller started his employment with Firestorm in 1996 as a rookie firefighter. Josh ran his own twenty person crew for 8 seasons and then in 2008 stepped out of the role of Crew Superintendent by passing the job to new leaders whom he had trained. Josh now serves as the Emergency Services Coordinator. Josh is very active working with all of Firestorm’s resources on various assignments, whether it is emergency services, fuels and fire safety projects or controlled burning. Josh is a natural leader with high expectations that exemplifies the services and product that Firestorm delivers. Josh also is a member on the Advisory Board.

    Josh is married and, with his wife, homeschools their three children. In his down time he enjoys his family, church, travel off the beaten path, hunting and is always thinking up the next big adventure.

  • Leah wills, firestorm, Controller and Treasurer

    Leah wills

    Controller and Treasurer

    Currently the Controller and Treasurer for Firestorm, Leah starting working with Firestorm part time in 2001 while attending college. After graduation, the thought of working in the “corporate” world in the big city was just not as appealing as staying to help run the family business. Leah grew up around the wildland fire business with her father serving 30 years with the Forest Service as a firefighter, silviculturist and safety officer. Leah is responsible for the overall fiscal and administrative management of Firestorm but has her hand in all aspects of the operations of Firestorm, often needing to help fill in with operations during the busy fire season. She is a Board Member and Advisory Board Member to Firestorm.

    Leah is a graduate of California State University, Chico with a degree in Business Administration and Management Information Systems. Leah is married to her husband Jess and in her free time enjoys running, traveling and spending time with family.

  • Naomi tora, firestorm, Human Resource Manager firestorm

    Naomi tora

    Human Resource Manager
    Payroll Administrator

    Naomi, the Human Resource Manager and Payroll Administrator, started working for Firestorm in 2001. Naomi takes care of our complex payroll and various aspects of the challenging and ever changing Human Resource tasks, including both federal and state government compliance. She is an Advisory Board Member and filters the discussions at hand through the web of compliance regulations and offers insight in all areas of operations affected by the never ending regulations. Naomi is a team player and dedicated to the growth of this company.

    Naomi is a mother of three grown children and a grandmother. In her free time she enjoys travel, adventure and friendships.

  • Joe King, firestorm, Business Development Coordinator

    Joe King

    Business Development Coordinator

    Currently the Business Development Coordinator for Firestorm, Joe has been involved with wildland fire management for over forty years. Joe spent twenty years with the United States Forest Service where he received his education, training and experience. During his time at the Forest Service he organized the Baker River Hotshot Crew and was its first Superintendent. He left the agency as a District Fire and Fuels Management Specialist. He was awarded the United States Department of Agriculture’s Superior Service Award for excellence in Fire Management.

    After leaving the Forest Service, Joe filled position assignments, including Operations Section Chief, on Incident Management Teams and provided contract Basic Wildland Fire training for the Forest Service.

    An entrepreneur at heart, Joe then founded a company now known as Wildfire Defense Systems, which was sold to the current owner. As the Operations Chief, Joe developed a program that provides education and suppression support to several National and International insurance companies and their clients. Joe also was responsible for the training of the teams that provided assessments to the insurer’s clients that would provide them documentation to their homes susceptibility to wildfire damage. This program included monitoring and mapping and response resources that are dispatched to wildfires throughout the western United States.

    Joe is responsible for the development of our strategic network alliance as well as the development of programs of professional services that Firestorm provides to various clients.

    Joe is married and has three kids and several grandchildren. In his free time you will find him in his wood shop or spending time with his family.

  • David Will, firestorm, Fuels Management Specialist

    David Wills

    Fuels Management Specialist

    David started his career with Firestorm in early 2000 where he received his initial wildland fire training. He has several seasons with wildland fires, prescribe fire and hazardous fuels reduction work under his belt and is a Crew Boss and Engine Boss Trainee. David currently is a Fuels Management Specialist and is responsible for the bidding, scheduling and completion of Firestorm’s hazardous fuels reduction work for homeowners and large landowners in the Chico area. David is also a member of the Advisory Board.

    David is married and has two children. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his family, football and fishing.